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                          About Nomadic Travel Company 


Our agency was formed to create sensational travel experiences and provide impeccable planning services. We understand that organizing trips and finding ideal destinations is not always an easy feat. When you spend your hard-earned money, having a trusted partner like us will ensure you are in good hands and have the best experience possible. Our expertise and insight help you feel secure and remain stress-free throughout the planning process. 


Our wanderlust is also what drives us to find amazing destinations that lead to beautiful memories. We know how magical and meaningful travel can be. It’s about discovering new places, connecting with people, and restoring the mind, body, and spirit—whether that be adventurous excursions or relaxing activities. We hope we can help you find a cruise or luxury resort and build a journey that is perfect for you! 

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Destinations We Know & Love

From popular cities in Europe to exotic regions in Asia and South America, we can send you on vacation to breathtaking destinations worldwide! 


                                   Founder & Travel Expert


Nancy Bradford is a veteran of the travel industry and your all-around expert for cruise and luxury travel planning. Originally going to school for hotel management, Nancy eventually realized she had a passion for travel and pursued that path instead. She began her career in 1981, starting with corporate travel, learning the ins and outs of efficient travel planning. Soon she moved into leisure and luxury travel management, where she found a love for organizing cruises and romantic getaways. With all her experiences, Nancy became well-versed in the art of creating unforgettable travel experiences. 


After taking time off to raise a family, Nancy jumped back into the industry in 2013 without missing a beat! As an independent travel advisor, she started the Nomadic Travel Company to help travelers plan and enjoy unforgettable vacations worldwide. Still going strong today, Nancy has seamlessly organized incredible journeys and adventures for her clients. 


Outside her role as a travel advisor, Nancy is also a wife and mother. Her favorite activities include hiking, skiing, and yoga. And, of course, Nancy loves adventure and travel! Destinations she has enjoyed the most include Italy, Greece, the Caribbean, Vietnam, and Peru. 

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Exclusive Travel Opportunities with Nancy!

In addition to her planning services, Nancy provides the exciting chance to join her 

on one of the unique cruises and adventures throughout the year! 

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