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Traveling as a group is one of the most profound and memorable ways to explore the world. Going on a cruise with friends, family members, or an interest group allows you to discover new places with loved ones, strengthen your bonds, and unwind together. 


At the Nomadic Travel Company, we specialize in group cruises! With years of experience and extensive training, we can provide expert planning for all types of groups. We love having the opportunity to bring people together for extraordinary experiences. We hope that we have the pleasure of working with you to create a remarkable journey for your group!


How It Works

When planning group travels with us, we begin with an initial consultation followed by thorough research to match you with the right cruise, activities, and travel preferences. We’ll consult with you until we’ve finalized all the details together, and then we handle all contracts, payments, travel arrangements, etc. Your group will have their own website, so it’s easy to sign up, communicate, and keep all the details in one place. Our agency also helps to promote the cruise by providing marketing materials and hosting virtual (or in-person) informational events. Yet the main focus of our service is to ensure that we are present throughout the entire cruise process, anticipating every need, so you can focus on enjoying the experience! 


Type of Groups We Work With 

Social Groups: Perhaps you are new to travel and would like to explore with like-minded individuals. Or maybe you have the pleasure of finally crossing the finish line of your career and want to travel with fellow retirees. We’ll be here to send you on cruises that provide you with the experiences you deserve!


Special Interest Groups: From food & wine societies to athletic groups, fundraising clubs to art connoisseurs, we connect special interest groups to cruises that cater to their passions and hobbies.


Church Groups: Whether your reason for cruising is to fundraise, strengthen your spirituality, or bond with your church community, we’ll find a cruise that best suits your needs. 


Multi-Generational Travel: When families come together to expand their horizons and strengthen their relationships, we’ll be here to make their planning easy and cruise experiences unforgettable. 


Wellness Retreats: A great way to focus on wellness with your friends or family is to take an inspiring cruise that offers yoga, meditation, healthy cuisine, and more. We happen to know the best options!  

Benefits of Group Travel

  • Great group rates that help lower the price and make it affordable for everyone, often the leader will receive a deep discount. 

  • Extra perks like complimentary amenities or exclusive activities 

  • The camaraderie among your group and opportunities to strengthen bonds 

  • Discover new places with the comfort of loved ones by your side 

  • The chance to embrace and share unique experiences

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