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Exotic Cruises That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Although visiting popular cruise ship destinations can be fun, seeing some less-visited spots can have several benefits. Whether you have already traveled to the most common countries for cruise ships or are just looking for something new and exciting, keep reading to find out some of the top exotic cruises to add to your bucket list!


It can be challenging to get to Antarctica, but taking a cruise ship may be an ideal way to see this Southern continent. The majority of cruises to Antarctica leave from Argentina and stop at unforgettable sites such as the Antarctic Peninsula, the Falklands, and South Georgia. Animals like penguins and seals are likely to be seen in the chilly landscapes along the way.

Myanmar (Burma)

Located in Asia, Myanmar (Burma) offers both luxurious and classically-designed riverboats that sail through the Irrawaddy River. Along the way, you may be able to see many monasteries, temples, and breathtaking landscapes.

South Africa

Not only will a cruise along the coasts of Africa allow you to see wild animals like zebras and elephants, but this destination also has incredible scenery. Plus, if you factor in the port stops across South Africa and Southeast Africa, you will be able to experience various museums, historical sites, parks, and even beaches.

South Pacific

The Islands of Tahiti, Fiji, and the Marshall Islands can be seen as a hidden gem. There are different options for cruise ships that go to these islands, giving you more choice for your travels. Once on the islands, the lively and luscious greenery can help you feel inspired and renewed.

The Amazon

Not only is the Amazon known as the lungs of the Earth, but it’s also home to a wide variety of nature. Sailing along the Amazon river will allow you to see some of the coolest animals in the animal kingdom, including piranha’s, snakes, and sloths. If you have a fear of wildlife, there is also fine dining and luxurious rooms onboard to help you stay comfortable.

The Arctic

Although Antarctica often gets most of the spotlight, the Arctic has a lot to offer as well. With ships passing the coast of Norway, heading into parts of the Arctic will let you experience some more-remote scenery and fascinating wildlife.

When it comes to cruises and exploring new destinations, make sure to talk with a travel agent who can help you have the trip of your life!


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