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I'm Livin' on the EDGE

I'm so excited about my next upcoming trip! This one is educational, which means I'll be learning all about the latest travel trends and opportunities for YOU.

In October, I'm traveling to Orlando for the Travel Leaders Network's Annual Conference and Trade Show, EDGE 2021. What does EDGE stand for?

  • EDUCATE – Stay ahead of game-changing topics and dive deep into their programs with more than 100 classes.

  • DISCOVER – Gain key insights from their leadership team and other industry luminaries.

  • GATHER – Network with fellow members and supplier partners during daily educational training and social events.

  • EVOLVE – Access the tools, programs and support needed to professionally grow as a modern travel professional.

I will have the opportunity to attend workshops, trade shows, exclusive cocktail parties and training events. I will also get to mingle with the movers and shakers in the travel industry while making valuable connections.

I am especially excited for the conference this year because I was chosen to go in early for the Luxury Forum. The highly-rated Travel Leaders Luxury Forum is a full-day invitation-only event in advance of the annual EDGE conference that pairs luxury-selling travel advisors with luxury-focused supplier partners for a series of pre-arranged one-to-one meetings.

I will be at the conference October 17-21. If you want to know about anything travel related, especially luxury travel, please reply to this email with your questions. I can't wait to learn about everything going on in the travel industry, and especially to bring it all home to you.

Nomadic Nancy

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