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St. Lucia: the Hawaii of the Caribbean

Although St. Lucia is thousands of miles away from Hawaii's balmy shores, the two islands are relatively close in latitude, meaning their climates are similar and provide an equally warm and welcoming environment for tourists.

St. Lucia's scenic landscapes, ash-covered beaches, and natural wonders make it Hawaii's sometimes-forgotten twin. Just a quick flight from the US east coast, the island is a tropical haven perfect for a couples' getaway.

A blend of cultures and cuisines, St. Lucia is a melting pot. The island achieved its independence fairly recently, in 1979. Because of its long history of colonial occupation, St. Lucia is no stranger to western influence, which is evident in its customs and languages, a combination of English and Saint Lucian Creole French.

When it comes to food, there is no shortage of fresh seasonal produce and local seafood. This slice of paradise serves up tasty, health-conscious dishes that have arisen after centuries of influence from the French, British, African, and West Indies. Seasoned with plenty of spices and plated fresh, mealtime in St. Lucia is sure to be pleasing to the eyes as well as the taste buds.

Another similarity between Hawaii and St. Lucia is the volcanic beaches, where black and white sands mix on the ocean's shore. A hallmark of volcanic activity, this kind of beach, found on the southwestern quadrant of St. Lucia, is usually peaceful, providing the perfect pause for reflection.

This volcanically active zone comes with another natural beauty, too - the Pitons tower above the island. Two volcanic structures resembling mountains, the Pitons serve as majestic reminders of the ferocity of nature, as well as a history lesson on the formation of St. Lucia itself.

The two Pitons never fail to awe, and you can catch a glimpse of the spires from all angles – nearby resorts have viewpoints, and there are also plenty of chances to dive near the base or approach from the air with a helicopter tour.

Just like in Hawaii, in St. Lucia, everything runs on island time. It’s the perfect chance to relax and go with the flow. Whether you wake up energized to rock climb Gros Piton or spend all day lounging on the beach with a good book, there is no pressure to be productive. In St. Lucia, one good time always leads to the next.

Are you ready to jet off to St. Lucia? Contact us to learn more about our vacation offerings!

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