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The top five reasons to go to Riviera Maya (besides the obvious one!)

Okay, you don't need five reasons to go to Riviera Maya. One should suffice, the ​beach​. Here are five reasons more that you should be packing your bags and setting out on a trip to the glorious Mexican Caribbean.

Check out - or, better yet, check into - the Grand Velas: one of the region's top beach resorts and all-inclusive to boot. Five diamond luxury, yes. Places to eat? Haute Cusine? At eight restaurants. Freshwater cenotes and 1,600 feet of glorious beachfront, Check. Spa? Yup. When you come to Riviera Maya, you're going to be at a premiere spot right on the Caribbean ocean. So let yourself get pampered a little!

Have you ever heard the word "cenote"? If you haven't, Google it. The pictures you'll find will make you want to hop right on a plane to the Yucatán! They are deep, water-filled sinkholes in limestone, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. And there will be as many cenotes as you want!

Something for everyone. Whether you're a hardcore adventurer or you prefer your vacations to include a beach, a pool, and a spa - ideally in the same complex - Riveria Maya has what you're looking for. From the beaches, reefs, and high-end dining to the brilliant ruins at Tulum of Chichen Itza, the area has such a blend of unique activities that it will leave any visitor in complete awe

Ancient history. Mexico is not a nation that just started to exist in the 1820s. It's got history way back - over a millennium - and much of this history lingers around today, whether it's through ancient, well-preserved ruins or continued traditions. Speaking of ruins, ​Cobá is tucked away in the jungle. However, they are well worth the extra effort to get to. At Cobá, you're allowed to climb one of the ancient Mayan pyramids and get the reward of a spectacular vista across the Yucatán jungle. Furthermore, you'll be enveloped by the feeling of authenticity: these ruins today are as surrounded by the ever-encroaching forest as they must have been ages ago. Cobá is a must-see – and the drive from Cancún is less than two hours!

Tired of beaches and ruins? Then it's time to hit the clubs! The best club in Cancún, by far, is ​Coco Bongo​ – a massive dance club with a thousand incredible acts, any one of which will make you forget that you're not in Las Vegas! Tickets come with unlimited drinks, and the club stays open well past the USA's mandated closing time for such establishments. Dance the night away – and then sleep all day at the beach. You're on vacation!

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