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The ultimate travel experience, a butler.

What makes your vacation indeed seem like pure luxury? Having your own personal butler! I recently experienced this high level of service on two different Caribbean Islands, and I don’t think I can ever travel without one again.

Your butler will know what you want before you do, making their service a must have for your memorable vacation. Imagine arriving at your resort being greeting with a cool cloth and glass of champagne by your butler? No lines at the front desk; your butler will whisk you directly to your room. Like magic your luggage is already in your room, and your butler offers to unpack for you while you take a dip in your private pool. In your mind, you think which restaurant to eat in, do I have to stand in line to make a reservation? Nope, your butler has already taken care of that for you. Of course, you can make any changes, anytime. Your butler will also take care of any spa, excursions, water activities, memorable romantic experiences and more.

No more getting up at 5 AM to secure the perfect beach chair; your butler will have the ideal spot set up for you with a cooler packed with your favorite beverages. Of course, you may summon your butler for lunch, snacks, and a refreshing Pina colada. Breakfast in bed, check. Filet Mignon and Lobster on your terrace, of course. Your wish is their command.

Did you forget your sandals? No worries, ask your butler to pick some up for you in the shop. You want to surprise your partner with a romantic bath or dinner on the beach, done.

Love surprises, your butler always has one up their sleeves.

If you are like me, you don’t enjoy packing at the end of your stay, you guessed it, your butler is there for you. All you have to do is say your good byes and dream of where you want to go next time.

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