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Updated: Dec 17, 2020

River cruising has traditionally been synonyms with Europe, but it has been around in America since before the country was founded. Sure, the ships might not have been luxury liners, but centuries of travelers relied on America's greatest rivers for travel. American river cruises take you through some of the most scenic and historic parts of the country. 


Explore the river that captivated Mark Twain and has inspired decades of travelers since. Passengers board an authentic paddlewheel riverboat that has been renovated to include today's modern luxuries while still paying tribute to the river's past. Just as iconic as the river itself, the paddlewheel boat captivates both passengers and bystanders as it makes its way down the mighty Mississippi River, standing as a symbol of American innovation. 


Embrace the beauty of the American West on a Columbia and Snake River cruises. Excursions along the way allow you to discover the Pacific Northwest's natural beauty, including the famous Mt. St. Helen. Sample local wines and regionally inspired cuisine along your journey. After a day of exploring, watch the gorgeous scenery change in front of you, all from the comfort of your private balcony. 


Sail through the inside passage and explore southeast Alaska onboard a boutique luxury liner. While the inside passage is not technically a river, the small ships and stops in charming towns like Sitka will give you a river cruise feel. Surround yourself with the pristine wilderness of misty fjords, lush forest, and gleaming glaciers as you cruise through America's last frontier. 


The Hudson River has played a significant role in shaping US history, and sailing the river is like cruising back in time. You will pass picturesque Hudson River lighthouses, stately waterfront mansions, and many more notable historic sites along this classic American journey. Enjoy panoramic views of the Catskills and the Taconic and Berkshire Hills as you travel from upstate New York to New York City. 


Much like the Hudson River, the Chesapeake Bay has played a pivotal role in American history. Set sail from Baltimore for the shores of the "Historic Triangle," which includes Yorktown, Williamsburg, and Jamestown. Visit monumental battlefields and authentic colonial homes as you discover some of the earliest settlements in America. 

Discover the country the same way earlier explorers did when you choose to book a US river cruise. Contact me today to book your trip!

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