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The older you get, the more you realize the importance of spending time with family. Getting the whole family together seems to get more challenging as everyone gets older, which is why planning an annual trip is the perfect excuse to travel and to clear everyone's busy schedules. Have a week or two each year that everyone looks forward to and help you create lasting memories that the whole family will cherish. 

Traveling with multiple generations can be challenging because you want to plan a trip everyone will enjoy. Luckily, I know just what types of trips will satisfy the whole family! 


A classic European river cruise is my favorite go-to for family vacations. Being with your grandchildren as they are introduced to great European capital cities like Budapest, Prague, and Amsterdam is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Exploring storybook castles that used to be the home to dashing knights and charming princesses is sure to capture their attention. While they might be too young to appreciate art and architecture, the scale and details of these European cities are sure not to go unnoticed. 


If your family is up for a little bit of adventure, then booking an expedition cruise is just what you need. Sail through places like Alaska, Iceland, and Scandinavia when you choose an expedition cruise. Bring their backyard adventures to life with visits to Viking museums and tales of mythical creatures in the high seas when you cruise these adventurous destinations. Along the way, you can kayak near glaciers, see the northern lights, and visit charming fishing villages where you can explore the local culture. 


Nothing says vacation quite like sandy beaches and palm trees. No matter how old you are, you can always appreciate a holiday to the tropics. Island hopping through the Caribbean is guaranteed for the whole family. Rent jet skis or go snorkeling in each port of call and enjoy the warm, tropical waters. On your days out at sea, relax by the pool and enjoy the onboard amenities. Your grandchildren can have fun in the kids and teen clubs on board while you take a moment for yourself to visit the spa or adults-only lounge. 

Cruises are a great go-to for multigenerational travel. Waking up in a new port every day means you'll never be bored, and on the ship, you and your family will have plenty of activities to enjoy. 

Contact me today to book your trip!

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