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Contrary to what you might think, river cruises are not filled with endless days spent lying around the ship. If you wanted a relaxed holiday, you could easily take in the views from the sun deck with a cocktail in hand. However, there are plenty of opportunities to get off the ship and get moving! You can make a river cruise as active as you would like. If you are someone who enjoys being on the move and would rather be walking around a city versus sitting at the local pub, then river cruising is right for you. 

River cruises present their passengers with a wide variety of excursions that will satisfy every activity level. You can pick and choose what you want to do each day to make your cruise experience your own. 


Bike tours are one of the most fun and active ways to explore a new city. Organized by the ship, an expert guide will take you around the city, giving you essential facts and making stops at historic landmarks. Almost every town you visit will have the option to take a bike tour, meaning you are not limited in your daily activity level, depending on the location. You do not have to be an expert cyclist to enjoy a bike tour. All skill levels are welcome. 

If you're not ready to hop on a bike, you can take part in plenty of other activities. Day hikes and walking tours are popular excursions and a great way to discover your destination. Depending on which city you are in, you can even take kayaking trips along the river or go hand-gliding in the nearby hills! 


Staying active while on a river cruise does not mean you have to wait until you arrive at your next port of call. Almost every ship is equipped with a state-of-the-art gym. You won't miss a moment of your trip when you enjoy the magnificent views from the river while running, biking, or walking in the gym. As part of the onboard fitness center, some ships will even offer yoga and other group fitness classes to ensure you stay active. 

A river cruise is a perfect vacation for active travelers. With so many options onboard and on land, you won't miss a step! 

Contact me today to learn more about how to stay active while on vacation. 

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