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Updated: Dec 17, 2020

If it has been a while since you have boarded a plane and you are itching to book your next adventure, it is time to consider booking a river cruise. 

Highly personalized experiences are the future of travel. While some travel industry sectors have to adapt, the river cruise industry was founded upon these principles. River cruising was designed to cater to a small number of passengers. In the age of coronavirus, the small ships offer high levels of cleanliness and security to ensure that passengers can travel safely. 

River cruises are a great way to make up for the lost time and canceled trips. Each day you will wake up in a new destination with new adventures waiting for you onshore. One ticket will give you access to multiple cities and destinations, meaning you only have to book one trip as opposed to five! Cruise through some of Europe's most beloved cities or explore the great American Northwest or Mississippi River. River cuisine simplifies travel with a wide variety of suggested excursions and everything you need onboard. 

While the idea of traveling to multiple destinations might seem unimaginable, the river cruise industry has been hard at work, ensuring the safety of its passengers and crew. The ships are designed to carry fewer passengers than a traditional cruise ship. The small crew to passenger ratio also ensures that enough people are maintaining the ship's cleanliness to ensure your health and safety. You will have the freedom to relax and enjoy your cruise, knowing that you are traveling safely. 

River cruises have always delivered an unparalleled standard of service, but since coronavirus, that standard has been raised. There has truly never been a better time to cruise than now. Even though the ships might seem small, you will never feel crowded while on board. The small ships offer cabins with private balconies, spacious lounge areas, and casual outdoor dining that will make you feel like you are cruising on your private yacht. Highly personalized excursions and onboard entertainment are designed to help you get back to enjoying traveling. `

Whether you have been on a river cruise before or are interested in taking one now, I can help you determine which one is right for you. 


Contact me today to learn more. 

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