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Expert Planning for Your Once In A Lifetime Cruise

If you want to make the planning of your next cruise vacation as effortless and exciting as possible, the Nomadic Travel Company is your most reliable and trusted choice. Our goal is to precisely understand what you’re looking for and match you with cruises, itineraries, and activities that suit your desires. We take the time to listen, become familiar with you, and communicate our knowledge and ideas. We go above and beyond to research the best options and connect you with world-class suppliers and cruise lines. We’ll handle all the particulars and small details so you can remain worry-free throughout the entire planning process. Whether it’s coordinating a transfer or organizing a day of activities for you, we’ll be here to provide our expertise and execute it all to perfection. 

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How Can We Help? 

Consulting & Research 

Cruise Package Booking 

Flight Reservations 

Pre and Post Travel Planning (Transfers, Accommodations, Tours, etc.) 

Itinerary Suggestions 

Activity & Tour Bookings 

Special Celebration Coordination

Travel Document Assistance

Communication & Support Before, During, and After Your Cruise

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Step 1: Let’s chat! We will start the planning process by having a consultation to discuss the specifics of your desired travel experience. We’ll listen, brainstorm with you, provide our insights, and make suggestions. Calls typically last approximately 30 minutes, and we always schedule the most convenient time for you. 


Step 2: Next, our research and planning begin. We’ll connect with industry partners and cruise lines, build an itinerary, find the most efficient flights, transfers, etc., so you have all the best options. We’ll put a proposal together, which can then be adjusted or approved. 


Step 3: Once your proposal is approved, we’ll send an invoice, and then upon payment, put everything into action. We’ll get everything booked and set up, then confirm with you all the details along the way so you can feel secure and relaxed throughout the process.


Step 4: The last step is simple—enjoy your trip! We’ll help you with travel docs and ensure you have your detailed itinerary so that you’re prepared and ready to go. And if you need assistance anytime before, during, or after your cruise, we’ll be available for support!

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Ready to plan your next vacation?

We are here to help you every step of the way. Let's talk about where to next!

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